Diminish Wrinkles fast

wrinkle therapy

Treat wrinkles and lines,
sagging skin,
hyper pigmentation and dehydration,
retarding progression of ageing
with the most advanced, safe, effective technique

No needle facial mesotherapy or Anti-wrinkle therapy


There are number of anti-wrinkle therapies options available for our patients with this modern alternative to classic meso therapy.


ETERNAL (Stem Cells Therapy) - not only provides nutrients for the epidermal stem cells and revitalizes them but also produces an extraordinary effect on the rest of the tissue. It also delays ageing and repairs DNA.

Actives: Plant Origin stem cells nanoliposomes, Hyaloronic Acid and Plant ExtractsMore


CORRECTIVE (Injection like effect without the toxin) - the cosmetic treatment to remove wrinkles, even the deepest ones, and rejuvenates the facial expression, restoring the skin’s firm, youthful appearance.

Actives inculde: Muscle relaxing peptides, Concentrated HA and Tissue regenerators. More


MESOFILLER - refills, lifts, moisturises and increases density. Stimulates the skin’s vital functions, activates collagen and elastin. Fills wrinkles and smoothes finer lines, increases skin firmness and density and significantly improves moisture retention.

Mesofiller works with the Skeyndor SK Hydra-filler line of products which deliver Marine Collagen microspheres to temporarily plump up skin pleats, Soya Peptides to relax and minimise lines and Organic Silicium to smooth, lift and moisturise.


MESOBRIGHT - lightens and evens the skin’s tone, restores luminosity. Active ingredients balance skin colour, soften dark spots and delay their re-appearance.

High concentration of Vitamin C helps to stimulate collagen synthesis, activating natural defence and strengthening skins firmness which helps achieve radiant, youthful skin. Mesobright is complemented by Skeyndor Vit C and SK Crystal White ranges.

Modern trend is to combine number of antiageing procedures.

It's the best and fastest way of wiping years off your face


Your Concern Clinical Solution
Minor skin concerns, maintaining a fresh look
Fine lines, such as crow's feet, poor skin texture, large pores, redness and pigmentation, dull skin, lack of tone and colour
Poor skin texture, large pores, redness and pigmentation, dull skin, poor lustre/colour, capillaries
Fine lines and deeper wrinkles, including crow's feet,
frown lines and forehead lines. Expression lines

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Speed Anti-Ageing

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