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In the Australian climate moles are very common.

With some moles that may be concerned about and then they require excision (cutting out) and are then sent to pathology for diagnosis.

Many moles, however, are not of any medical concern but rather are a cosmetic concern. These moles are usually raised, leading to a contour deformity as well as possibly being pigmented.

Laser, Skin and Wellness Melbourne uses two methods to remove moles and both methods provide excellent results*.


Selected procedure depends on

  • your contraindication
  • how deep mole is
  • mole location, etc


Method 1. Micro-Thermocoagulation

Clinical Skin Clear Device. The Clinical Skin Clear (Lamprobe 4000), developed by Hubert Lam, is a unique radio frequency and high frequency instrument for the effective treatment of a wide range of common minor skin irregularities without penetrating the skin’s surface.

The principle called Micro-Thermocoagulation when high frequency, radio wave current is conducted and attracted to the liquids on the skin’s surface, or within the skin irregularity. The energy waves can penetrate up to 2 mm into the skin and work by eradicating the damaged skin cells completely. Download Lesion Removal Factsheet

Clinical Skin Clear (Lamprobe) treatments are exceptionally quick (2-3 minutes), with instantaneous results. Most of the time one treatment only required but sometimes you may need to come back for follow up procedure. Check Lesion Removal Examples here


Method 2. Formulation Blend

This innovative treatment for Moles removal came from the USA. Virtually any skin tag, spot, mole, skin growth, even a colourless one can be removed easily and effectively* within a matter of minutes.

The formulation uses a blend of ingredients that draw the mole out of your skin. It takes up to 7-10 days after treatment for the spot to disappear. A pink mark is left on the spot where the mole used to be. This soft mark slowly disappears over the next few weeks.


BEFORE THE TREATMENT: Before a spot is removed it is necessary that you check out the moles/spots/growths with your doctor to make sure they do not represent any danger to you health.

You will need to obtain and bring with you to the treatment a letter from your physician stating that growth is suitable for removal.

Download Mole removal Info Sheet for your reference

RESULTS: Most moles need only one session. The manufacturer of the device and of the product claims over 95% moles will be gone and 90% will not come back.

We can proudly say that in our Melbourne clinic 9 out 10 clients happy with moles removal treatment results.


Mole Removal Consultation Fee $60 $60 rebate with a treatment
Doctor Skin/Mole Check

*Invoice provided to claim Medicare Rebate

Whole body $99*

Up to 10 spots $79*

Each Spot $85 $69
Up to 8 Spots/Moles Pack $680 $300
Up to 10 Spots/Moles Pack
Remove & Heal
including EGF Serum & Medicated Powder
$880 $400



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