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Laser, Skin & Wellness Clinic in Chadstone Shopping Centre Melbourne offers an extensive range of essential beauty and aesthetic services and programs that are precisely tailored to your individual anti-ageing and wellness needs.


Skin Therapy
particularly for ageing skin and acne issues

Laser hair removal
especially if it’s exaggerated by conditions such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome) and Cushing Disorder;

Natural wellness
with detox, fat and cellulite management and reduction programs

And much more

Every single member of our fully trained staff genuinely cares for your wellbeing. We will only offer you antiageing and wellness programs that actually work.


You will find our level of service is superior and our skills and level of knowledge far exceeds that of many of our competitors.

So, come to our centre in Chadstone and experience the real difference. This could be your first step into a life changing wellness world!


    Hair Removal

  • Laser Hair Removal
    IPL and Laser hair removal methods offer quick, safe and comfortable way to remove unwanted facial and body hair. Unlike other hair removal procedures that only work temporarily or focus on individual hairs, this unique technology is able to treat larger areas at once.

    In an hour or less, most body areas can be hair free *.

  • Vascular Treatments (redness, broken capillaries, spider veins)
    An effective treatment of superficial veins largely depends on the size of veins, the operator's skill and the equipment used. At the time of the treatment light is absorbed into the blood vessel and the heat damages its walls. The body then reabsorbs what’s left of the vessel along with its contents and replaces it with collagen.

    The results can sometimes be seen within only a couple of weeks after the treatment, but may take up to 6 weeks to appear.

  • IPL Skin Rejuvenation
    If you are looking for fantastic results for your skin’s aesthetic and beauty issues – IPL skin rejuvenation is your answer.

    IPL foto-facials treatments help build up the middle layer of your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dramatically changing your skin’s texture.


  • Virtual Needle Cellulite Therapy
    "No Needle" Mesotherapy procedure delivers highly potent natural ingredients into the deep layer of the skin (the fatty layer) to achieve extraordinary results in cellulite reduction.
  • "No Needle" Wrinkle Therapy
    Fills wrinkles and smoothes finer lines, increases skin firmness and density and significantly improves moisture retention.

    Assure impressive results immediately *

  • Non Surgical Breast Lift
    Brings an overall firmness in the skin, a lift in the breasts, improvement in skin tone and texture. Excess fat and fluid drained from the breasts improving the breast shape, naturally.

  • Injectables
    Squint and frown lines around your eyes and forehead?

    A simple Anti-wrinkle Injectables® injection could flush those lines.

  • Dermal Fillers
    Have you heard of different filler types? These are all brands of dermal fillers. The implant material is injected into the skin to elevate depressions such as acne scars and lines associated with ageing.

    It’s a simple non-surgical procedure and does not require hospitalization. You would be impressed with immediate results.

    Natural Medicine

  • Pressure Therapy
    Suffering from tiredness, jetlag, fluid retention, sluggish lymphatic drainage, cellulite, poor circulation, arthritis or burnout?

    Controlled Pressure therapy is the ultimate spa treatment for body detoxification. Highly recommended for frequent travellers!

  • Massages
    Laser, Skin & Wellness Melbourne Chadstone clinic offers massage therapies that will cater for the needs of any individual.

    Do you prefer an indulgent relaxation session or deeper remedial methods and cupping? Perhaps a combination of these techniques? Whether you are looking to ease pain from sports injuries or muscular conditions and provide rejuvenation for your body.

    Therapeutic massage has become well known as one of the best ways to deal with the excessive stress so common in today's busy lifestyle. Therapeutic massage also improves your circulation and relaxes body and mind, providing relief from the stresses of modern life.

  • Pressor Therapy
    Presor Therapy is a unique method of restoring circulatory problems, fluid retention, lymphatic drainage disorders and other organic filtering mechanisms that your body requires for good health and functioning.
    • Skin Treatments

    • Mole & Spots Removal
      Virtually any skin tag, spot, mole, skin growth, even a colourless one can be removed easily and effectively within a matter of minutes. Download Lesion Removal Factsheet
    • Micro-Dermabrasion
      Microdermabrasion is Melbourne popular facial treatment for those who want to reduce the signs of aging, appearance of acne scars or simply give the complexion a boost.
    • Chemical Peels
      If you want to see a fantastic improvement to your skin’s condition, texture and colour – gentle medi peels are your answer.

      Our Chadstone Laser Clinic uses one of the very few skin care lines in the world that utilises ingredients that have been purified using the chirality purification method.

      Skin therapy, not your old fashioned peel! You’ll have no downtime and will see the results with the first session!

    • Skin Bleaching
      Unique bleaching formula that is effective and gentle enough for the delicate parts of the body.
    • Acne Treatments
      Laser, Skin and Wellness offers wide variety of techniques including natural wellness supplements and advanced laser treatments to both reduce the incidence of acne and repair the damage acne causes to the skin.
    • Cosmetic Tattoo
      Look good around the clock with cosmetic tattoo, performed by one of the best in Melbourne.

      You can re-shape your LIPS and BROWS; add EYE definition; camouflage SCARS and even get a little cute tattoo.

    • Butt Facial
      Treatment takes about 40 minutes and consists of deep cleansing, buffing, mineral mud mask, and massage.
      Guaranteed you ask to book subsequent session.

      IPL Training

    • IPL Training
      The most comprehensive IPL training program that will give you the knowledge and tools to become an IPL therapist as well as to open your own IPL clinic, that is available today.

      You will cover a vast range of areas from background of the technology to clinical protocols; from purchasing of equipment and even marketing your services.

      Skin Care

    • Skin Care Products & Mineral Makeup
      Do you find in the evening, when you take off your day cream you are looking at skin that is exactly the same as it was in the morning, before you applied that expensive serum followed by an equally expensive hydrator, followed by a moisturiser and a replenisher?

      We like to see CHANGE in our skin - an improvement in texture and colour. We also like to keep it to fewer products that are so active that change is almost immediate.

      Do not overstock on your beauty products and expensive creams that don’t work!

      Have a chat to us and we will assess your skin and pick a few things that will really make a difference to your skin and your budget!

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