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Sagging breasts is a natural, unavoidable process that happens to most women at some point with only very few exceptions.

There are number of causes of unsightly excess skin on the breast tissue:

  • Pregnancy: Breast involution is a process where the milk - making system inside the breast shrinks because it is not needed anymore. This happens either after weaning your baby off your breast milk or right after pregnancy if the woman does not breastfeed at all, or sometimes during menopause.
  • Size and gravity: Large breasts will sag easier
  • Genes and Diet: Elasticity of your skin and of your ligaments is predetermined by your genes and enhanced by diet. When skin stretches breasts can droop.
  • Weight Fluctuations: Another common cause for sagging is when a woman loses weight or weight fluctuates. When you lose weight, some of that fat disappears from your breasts. Typically the skin and the ligaments inside the breasts do not retract accordingly, resulting in an 'empty' looking breast that then sags. You could try to prevent this by eating foods that provide extra good nutrition for your skin

Note: A scientific study that studied the effects of breastfeeding upon sagging, found that breastfeeding per say did not have an affect upon the sagging. Pregnancy does because of the great physical changes happening in the breasts during pregnancy, but breastfeeding alone did not.


According to the study, the following were risk factors for an increased degree of breast sagging:

body mass index (BMI), the number of pregnancies, a larger pre-pregnancy bra size, smoking history, and age.

Non invasive breast lift procedure

A lot of women interested in breast lift without any surgical intervention. Non-invasive breast lifts are on the market and here are some of the most common methods:

  1. Exercise: can help lift breasts to a small amount. Building the pectoral muscles will help support breast tissue and burning fat can reduce breast size and often provide a minimal lifting effect.
  2. Meso Lift: treatments cause damage to the collagen in the skin, leading to increased production of new, elastin-rich skin cells. Repeated treatments required however results can last for years
  3. Breast Lift Massage: Breast massage is known to rid the tissues of toxins, for healthy lymphatic drainage as well as enhancing shape, size and firmness of the breasts
  4. Topical breast firming creams often called breast tighteners or toners. Some creams can provide an uplifting effect. Try to use creams with a breast lift massage. Light to moderate pressure should be used and a back and forth action could be used. Circular massage also can be performed for better lymphatic drainage.
  5. Breast Feather Lift: This surgical procedure uses threading. It offers temporary results and is very limited in terms of breast size and degree of ptosis it can effectively treat
  6. Push up bras: Can work as well as padded bras… but the results are only while you are wearing them
  7. Inserts: Bra inserts, such as silicone pads can also work well, but once again are limited to clothed effectiveness


Meso Breast Lift

Meso Breast Lift delivers an overall firmness in the skin, a lift in the breasts, improvement in skin tone and texture. Excess fat and fluid drained from the breasts improving the breast shape, naturally.

Laser Skin and Wellness Bust treatment help lift and tighten the skin and tone and strengthen muscles around the bust area.

  • alternative option to a breast lift surgery
  • no risk medical and financial, breast lift cost $199 per session and  special price $179
  • no scar marks
  • see results immediately or within 24hrs of the procedure *
  • Meso Breast programmed microcurrent and electroporation formulation delivery also increases blood flow through the breast tissues, enhancing the colour and contour
  • naturally improved look and feel

Meso Breast creates micro-stimulation to the dermis layer of the skin which causes new collagen to be created over the next few months. Treatment sessions take about 40 minutes to one hour depending on your individual needs.

While these are good ways of maintaining good muscle tone and suppleness in the breast area, it has to be understood that results may vary with each woman.

Meso Brest uplift cost $179 and when you buy pack of 6 treatments you get one session free.


Meso UpLift works on a number of levels. It stimulates microcirculation, allows penetration of active ingredients and kick starts the formation of new collagen. Although most people will notice a difference almost immediately, typically, dramatic results will take a few months to materialize. While the procedure is very effective it does have limitations. It should be thought more as a competitive alternative to surgery.

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