Controlled Pressure Therapy - treatment for body detoxication

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Well-known fact is that the organism of the adult person on 63% consists of water.

Water is a basis of blood and a lymph, water impregnates all our bodies and fabrics, water provides transportation and mechanism for absorbing nutrients and deducing of slags and toxins out of the body. That is why so important to support normal circulation of biological liquids.


Presor Therapy is a unique method of
  • circulatory problems
  • fluid retention
  • lymphatic drainage disorders and other organic filtering mechanisms
  • general wellbeing, good health and functioning


Presor stands for "pressure" and pressure therapy is proven to be beneficial through extensive clinical trials for the treatment of angiology, cosmetic medicine, physiotherapy and beauty treatments.


presor therapy

The treatment is simple, and fast, only requiring 30 minutes for immediate benefits in relieving feelings of tiredness, jetlag, and depression.

The treatment is suitable for multiple and regular use and is excellent for:

  • improving sluggish lymphatic drainage and venous return
  • maintaining normal return circulation
  • preventing varicose veins and thrombosis
  • improving heavy, tired legs, oedema and fluid retention
  • cellulite
  • obesity
  • general detoxification
  • lymphoedema and venous oedemas
  • post-operative oedema
  • post cosmetic surgery care
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