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Over the past five years Laser, Skin & Wellness team management and team members have invested an large amount of time and funds into finding a preparation for skin bleaching that is:

  • Effective in for skin bleaching
  • Suitable for sensitive areas of the body
  • Can be used on thin and on thick skin lightening
  • Appropriate for anal bleaching
  • Produces quick brightening and skin lightening effects


We have tested many products


Some of them were commercially available (both Australian and overseas made/marketed) and some were made especially for us to test.

We went as far as conducting our own anal bleaching trial within the clinic with our wonderful volunteer clients. Up to very recently none of them worked for anal bleaching. Just as were losing our home and were about to take this page off the website we came across a lovely formulation that actually worked.

Not only it worked, we could see the results after
just one session!


The formulation contains a proprietary patented blend of natural skin lightening ingredients which bleaches your skin, even on most sensitive areas, without causing any irritation except for occasional dryness which can be easily treated by an application of a suitable quick absorbing moisturiser.

This formula we use is:

  • Free from hydroquinone
  • Free from Arbutin (a “nicer cousin” of hyrdoquinone)
  • Free from other harmful chemicals
  • Has no recorded side effects
  • Suitable for effective anal bleaching and skin lightening on almost any part of the body

This blend is designed to lighten skin discoloration and pigmentation. It contains proven ingredients for lightening and brightening of the skin.


The formula reduces the activity of tyrosinase present in the human skin by inhibiting melanin (pigment) formation in the skin.


This anal bleaching and skin lightening formula not only has the ability to lighten existing hyper-pigmentation (darkening of the skin) but it will also inhibit future melanin formation. Novel two-tiered approach results in a more pre-emptive and long term skin lightening that is possible from other conventional skin lighteners.


Anal Bleaching | Skin Lightening Treatments  Pricing

It is recommended that you have at least 5 sessions twice a week, as great results are achieved with consistent use of the product.


Each Anal Bleaching session takes approximately 45-50 minutes and costs $129

Combine with
Butt Facial
for silky smooth bottom 

Underarm Whitening
60 min - $199

Knees | Elbows | Pubic Area Lightening
60 min - $199

Special Price

Anal Bleaching - $129
Face | Underarms - $179


In Summary,

  1. Skin whitening products are available in the form of creams, pills, soaps or lotions.
  2. The long lasting whitening can be achieved by the breakdown of melanin by enzymes, such as that contained in the droppings of the Japanese bush warbler or reducing agents such as hydroquinone.
  3. Most whitening creams also contain a UV block to prevent sun damage to the skin.
  4. Some research has shown topical azelaic acid in 15% to 20% concentrations to be as effective as hydroquinone with a decreased risk of irritation. Tretinoin by itself has also been shown to be useful in treating hyperpigmentation of sun-damaged skin. Kojic acid, alone or in combination with glycolic acid or hydroquinone, also has shown good results due to its inhibitory action on tyrosinase. However kojic acid has had problems in terms of stability and potential negative effects on the skin and is rarely used today.
  5. Several plant extracts and vitamin C also have some research showing them to be effective for inhibiting melanin production.
  6. Many skin whiteners on the market contain toxic ingredients
  7. Some active reducing agents like hydroquinone can be an unstable ingredient in cosmetic formulations after exposure to air or sunlight
  8. No research showing the plant extract source of arbutin as having any impact on skin, especially not in the tiny amounts used in cosmetics


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