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In contrast to conventional programs Speed Anti-Aging program is a perfect blend of modern science, natural highly effective ingredients and holistic modalities.

This is the only complete and comprehensive program of its kind available today on the market place. There are two therapies in the program:


Anti-Wrinkle Therapy and Slimming Therapy


Anti-Wrinkle Therapy concentrates on your facial lines, skin’s texture and imperfections.

Slimming Therapy targets cellulite and helps contour problem body areas. You may also want to learn more about the new Pigmentation and Acne Treatments.


Laser, Skin and Wellness Clinic created a five-corner


This unique program combines complimentary therapies as well as the state of the art technology and highly active natural ingredients to achieve incredible results.

Nobody’s done what we’re about to do !!!

Our unique five corner approach consists of the following:


  • Modern scientific methods in combination with natural formulations
  • Naturopathic involvement to take care of food cravings, deficiencies etc
  • Self Empowerment therapy to help your mind set
  • Acupuncture to enhance and speed up the process
  • Bowen Therapy helps with toxins and waste from your body


Take a look at the diagram below and you will see just why this most comprehensive program will help you achieve your goals faster.



The program is specifically structured over a course of seven to eight weeks for longer lasting results. During this time you will meet and have at least one session with all of the program’s practitioners and will be able to utilize the knowledge and power obtained from each of these in order to achieve your goals

Our exclusive program covers all available knowledge to treat cellulite and aging scientifically.


12 other benefits of Speed Anti-Aging Program.

1. Weight Loss and cellulite reduction

2. Breaking down of fatty clusters

3. Achievement of energetic balance for body and mind

4. Healthy wellbeing

5. Muscle shaping and toning

6. Damage tissue repair

7. Improvement of skin elasticity and tone

8. Stimulation of collagen and elastin production in skin

9. Wrinkle smoothing and reduction in fine lines

10. Skin hydration & body fluid balance

11. Pigmentation reduction and general improvement in skin texture

12. Stimulation of blood circulation and strengthening of blood vessel walls


More about cellulite condition and wrinkles, factors to consider when choosing your cellulite treatment plan and methods to manage cellulite


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