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The identity of the best cellulite treatments is a hotly debated topic amongst women and health and beauty industry insiders and has been for some time now. Some people believe that certain solutions are better than others. We, at LSW, will always try to help you identify and find the best cellulite treatments and other solutions for your skin concerns.

We believe, the most important aspects to consider when choosing your treatment plan are the following eight factors:

1. Scientific Proof
2. Evidence of the effectiveness of the treatments
3. Convenience
4. Absence of pain
5. Affordability
6. Speed with which your goals can be achieved
7. Down time post treatment
8. Severity and possibility of side effects

There are three types of treatments available to treat cellulite in the best possible way.

1. Surgery (instant but painful with extended down-time and very high risk associated with it
2. Use of over the counter products (short term, non proven, questionable)
3. Non-surgical treatment (needle mesotherapy, non needle cellulite therapy)


Cellulite is a trouble with which you can lead a life. Still if you wish to get some temporary relief, ensure you get the best and the safest treatment. Armed with this information, you can make an informed decision regarding which area of the market you could look in for a little cellulite reduction!

Review the table below for considerations. This table was developed as a result of many hours of research and analysis of the latest technologies, scientific papers and other material. The summary of findings have been put together in this table for you, our valued client.

5 - exceptional, 4 - great, 3 - average, 2 - poor, 1 - none

Surgical Non
Scientific Proof 1 5 5
Evidence of effectiveness 2 5 5
Convenience 5 1 5
Pain 1 5 1
Affordability 5 1 4
Down time 1 5 1
Side Effects 1 5 1
Speed to achieve results 1 5 4


Clear winner non-surgical treatments such as needle mesotherapy and non needle cellulite therapy.


Combine Cellulite therapy with Presor Therapy for really incomparable results. They work in synergy, boosting the effects of therapies. Meso-Pressor combination restore the elasticity of the skin and reduce the appearance of the cellulite.

The other option is to combine Lipodissolve and Presor Therapy. Target and reduce fat deposits with Lipodissolve then flush toxins from your body with Presor.


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Speed Anti-Ageing

Fat/cellulite treatment worked wonders on me - lost 2 inches off my waist and upper torso and kept it off by using the belt 5 days a week ... Fast and results can be seen immediately...

Ravinder B; Tarnett; 35 yo (*)

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