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Clinical trials are research studies in which people agree to undergo new therapies (under careful supervision) to help identify the best treatments with the fewest side effects.

Melbourne Laser, Skin and Wellness clinic in Chadstone puts lots of emphasis on getting hold of and reviewing clinical studies results BEFORE introduction of new treatments into the clinic.

Not only white papers get reviewed, we actually test all of our treatments and skin care products before offering them to our clients. This way we know what works and what doesn’t and can filter what services we offer.

Only after staff of Melbourne Laser, Skin and Wellness Chadstone clinic are completely satisfied with the results of treatments we introduce them to our clients; there are no exceptions to this rule.

We also present a record of the client’s own perception of their skin & changes noticed and described by them.

  • AntiAging - Prematurely Aged & Wrinkled Skins
  • Acne & Oily Skins
  • Dehydrated and Tired Skins
  • Fatigued & Dry Skins

Pressor Therapy Clinical Trials

This study shows that use of the SORISA pressure therapy unit is a beneficial adjunct to traditional techniques when it comes to treating oedema (whether lymphatic or venous) of the limbs. With pressure therapy, the loss in centimetres of perimeter lasts 4 times longer than that obtained with the traditional recuperation techniques. Continue ...

Skeyndor MesoBright Clinical Trials

This study shows that the use of the Aminoethylphosphinic acid Active ingredient in Skeyndor product has a comparable depigmentant efficacy as the standard whitening actives, even at a low concentrations. Sensible reduction of the melanin content into irradiated melanocytes. Continue ...

Skeyndor MesoSlim Clinical Trials

Skeyndor MesoSlim Active ingredients studies:

  • Sea fennel extract Enhances fat catabolism by stimulating Beta-endorphins production
  • Laminaria extract reduces the thickness of the fat layer by reduction the accumulation of new triglycerides and promotion the removal of previously stored lipids
Continue ...

Skeyndor MesoFiller Clinical Trials

Skeyndor MesoFiller Active ingredients studies:

  • Microcollagen filling in the dermal layer by stimulation of collagen IV synthesis by fibroblasts to 327% and hyaluronic acid) by fibroblasts to 267%
  • Liposomed polyphenoles rejuvenates the skin by increasing the skin thickness of more than 7% after 2 months, and 11.2% after 3 months
  • Microalgae puts the brakes on ageing by increasing Collagen I (COL1) expression by +333% and Collagen III (COL3) expression by +150% in fibroblasts; also increasing Elastin expression in fibroblasts by +35% and Elafin expression in keratinocytes by +183%
Continue ...

Skeyndor MesoFirm Clinical Trials

Skeyndor MesoFirm Active ingredients studies:

  • Organic silicon and collagenic amino acids reinforces the cohesion of the dermal matrix and improves its firmness
  • Liposomed polyphenoles rejuvenates the skin by reactivates the functions of the cells weakened by age and dermostimulating effect
  • Microalgae increases skin’s elasticity by increasing Collagen I (COL1) expression by +333% and Collagen III (COL3) expression by +150% in fibroblasts, increasing Elastin expression in fibroblasts by +35% and Elafin expression in keratinocytes by +183%, in keratinocytes, increases Laminin 5 (LAM5) expression by +37% and Collagen VII (COL7) expression by +65%
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Skeyndor Eternal Clinical Trials

Skeyndor Eternal Serum and Eternal Cream Consumer Test:

The study to access the efficacy of the Eternal Line products after application for 21 days under normal condition of use.
  • leaves the skin smoother and softer, looking more younger: 80%
  • improves of the firmness and elasticity of the skin: 95%
  • leaves the skin more moisturised: 85%
  • improves the skin condition: 95%
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