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Most people at some point start to age, it's inevitable, and unfortunately for some it comes sooner than hoped.

Crows feet, dark circles and under eye puffiness show up the real age. We deal with stress, sun exposure, environmental pollution on a daily basis.

 Our life style and even our diet can contribute to aging process of our skin.

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Luckily there are eye creams on the market to help target our aging eye area.


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Eyesential under eye enhancer is a unique non surgical cosmetic wonder which temporarily erases puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles in minutes. The results lasts for up to 10 hours.

Applied under make-up, the non penetrative light weight formula works immediately by forming an extremely fine and invisible veil under the eye leaving the skin clearly smoother and younger looking.

A dermatological tried and tested formula Eyesential does not contain any AHA’s, proteins or elastin and has not been tested on animals.


The Lift

The Lift Petite is another miracle product that does more to turn back the negative effects of time than any other products on the market. Impressive results can be seen after just one application, giving you lifted firmer younger looking skin.

The Lift Petite non surgical facelift is a "salon style" treatment mask which provides a safe and effective alternative to cosmetic surgery that is simple enough to apply in your own home. Expect to loose up to 10 years from your face instantly!

We summarise all available information in FAQ section below


  Eyesential The Lift
Principles Eyesential forms an 'invisible' film under the eye hiding fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness The lifting and firming effects happens when the mask dries as it exercises the facial muscles and stimulates the blood supply to restore muscle tone.
What’s in it? The Eyesential effect is created by a clever mix of sodium-silicate, magnesium, iron oxides and water. Eyesential is classified as a non-colour cosmetic, similar to other cosmetics that do contain colour, such as mascara, lipstick, etc. The Lift contains a unique blend of herbs, fruit extracts, proteins, minerals and enzymes. Two of the ingredients being corn starch to tighten and papaya to exfoliate
Long-term beneficial effect Eyesential is not a 'treatment' for lines and wrinkles, but users have reported improvements in the under eye area after continual use. People who have used The Lift over a period of time have reported improvements in the elasticity and muscle tone of their skin even when not applied as often.
Storage There is no limit on the time Eyesential can be stored as there are no active ingredients. Best to store Eyesential at room temperature. There is no limit on the time The Lift can be stored as there are no active ingredients. Excesses of temperature may have an adverse effect on the gel, so it is best stored at room temperature.
How long last for? Eyesential comes in a 15ml dispenser which provides approximately 150 applications. Used everyday it should last over 3 months but most people say if they only use it a few times a week and on special occasions it lasts all year. You get 10 treatments out of the kits for your face and neck


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