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Little pleasures like facials can fit into everyone's facial rejuvenation goals and don’t need to cost a fortune.


Facials under $100 in Melbourne

Using Skeyndor MesoScience cellular delivery system you give your skin a little pick me up treatment and surely can afford it.


Anti-Ageing Power Facial

This treatment is perfect for Winter-Spring season and has a strong anti-wrinkle and anti acne actions.

Based on a blend of pure vitamins C, E, F and an active form of Vitamin A (also known as the retinol or ― the anti-ageing king) it helps target wrinkles, spots, acne and reduce the signs of ageing. Boosts collagen production and speeds up cellular renewal rate dramatically.

This super-facial will also facilitate the repair of cellular damage caused by the repeated exposure to ultraviolet light.

Repair, renew and protect your skin!

Regular price: 30 min - $159; 60 min - $179
Special price: 30 min -   $125; 60 min - $129 OR Buy 6 + GET 1 FREE


If you have fine and medium wrinkling why not to try

  1. Skin Needling Derma roller @ home

  2. DermaPen Needling @ clinic

Melbourne Hydration Boost Facial

This incredibly moisturizing treatment is just perfect for all skin types, even most sensitive ones.

The ideal four season clinical treatment will rehydrate your thirsty, dry skin and make it look plumper and smoother.

The main components of this facial are organic collagen and hyalaronic acid (HA). HA is a natural lubricating substance found in the body. It has been dubbed ―the queen of moisture for its benefits. Lack of it in skin results in dry, papery, flaky look and uneven tone.

Your face will feel velvety and look fresher and younger immediately.

Soften, smooth, rehydrate your skin!

Regular price: 30 min - $159; 60 min - $179
Special price: 30 min -   $125; 60 min - $129 OR Buy 6 + GET 1 FREE


Antioxidant Facial Infusion

With an infusion of highest, purest, most stable form of vitamin C your skin is bound to feel lighter and brighter.

It will soak up the goodness of live kiwi cells and will reward you by a better, velvety appearance, more even skin tone and smoother texture. Incredible treatment that you will fall in love with.

Repair, renew and protect your skin!

Regular price: 30 min - $159; 60 min - $179
Special price: 30 min -   $125; 60 min - $159 OR Buy 6 + GET 1 FREE

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