Facial skin rejuvenation treatments

skin rejuvenation


Science came a long way and you can achieve so much more for your skin now than you could ever before...

In house treatments effectively & safely target specific skin problems eg. acne & pimples, pigmentation & freckles, capillaries & redness, wrinkles & other signs of premature ageing of skin.


Comprehensive care for aging skin on face, neck & décolletage often encompasses treating patients with several skin care modalities to boost the results.

Combination treatments address multiple causes for the aging face for superior outcomes


We can even go as far as reversing the skin’s ageing process!!!


Remember that skin changes manifest as:

  • facial lines
  • irregular pigmentation
  • erythema
  • telangiectasia
  • textural changes etc

Wrinkle development has several causes & are only a part of what makes your face appear older.


Keep in mind that your skin is unique & requires a customized approach.

Not all treatments are suitable for everyone and incorrectly chosen treatment may even be damaging


We would be delighted to discuss various treatment options available suitable for your skin type & your aesthetic concerns and establishing your priorities.

More often than not more than one condition of the skin is present and treatment plan needs to address each of these conditions

Comprehensive approach to facial skin rejuvenation with synergistic effects is the true remedy for the aging face!

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My skin looks so fantastic today - I just had to drop you a line and thank you so very much for rescuing my skin.

You're a genus! Your skills are much better than any doctors I've consulted about my skin, even a specialist dermatologist! So thank you. See you on my next visit.

Megan M - Glen Iris; (*)
28 years old;

IPL Training

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