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Healthy young skin contains collagen which gives volume, flexibility and strength to skin. As we age, our faces progressively show various changes in the form of skin laxity, wrinkles and loss of the youthful subcutaneous fat (and we wont even mention muscle atrophy and bone elongation, just so it's not too depressing haha!). This subcutaneous fat plays a very important role by providing ‘volume’ that in turn offers ‘support, fill and lift’ to our faces in our younger years.

Unfortunately, treating individual wrinkles is just not enough to restore a youthful and fresh appearance to the whole complexion. In order to counter the effects of gravity and regain a younger shape, your face needs real volume.


Luckily, this can be achieved with dermal fillers which also can re-stimulate the natural collagen production for effective and lasting volume.


Radiesse® is a superb volumising filler and it puts volume back exactly where it was.

Radiesse works by gently volumising deeper wrinkles and hollows allowing sagging cheeks to disappear, and the natural facial contours to return.

Ever heard of Liquid Facelift?

A Liquid Facelift is a technique for injecting advanced dermal fillers such as Radiesse to lift and re-contour facial features.

The goal of a non surgical Liquid Face Lift procedure differs from person to person. For some it's about lifting the entire face and for others it's all in re-contouring specific facial features.

Let me give you some examples: -

  • Under eye bags and dark circles can be masked by using Liquid Facelift techniques;
  • Eyes can be opened up and lids gently lifted;
  • Jowls can be lifted and diminished;
  • Natural facial shape can be restored as can flattened cheeks or temple areas;
  • Corners of the mouth can be lifted;
  • Bumps on the nose can be hidden.


A non-surgical Liquid Face Lift can be undertaken to accomplish any of the following:
  1. 1. Gentle lift of individual (or overall) facial features
  2. 2. Reduced wrinkles, creases, line or folds
  3. 3. Restoration of natural, curved facial contours
  4. 4. A more rested, energetic look
  5. 5. A friendlier smile
  6. 6. Lips – to enhance the size of the lips, to define the lip border (prevent lipstick bleeding) or fill in (smoker’s ) lines
  7. 7. Cheeks – adding volume or enhancing cheek bones.
  8. 8. Nasolabial folds – to soften the lines between the nose and corners of the lips
  9. 9. Marionette lines – to diminish lines between the corners of the mouth and chin.
  10. 10. Tear troughs – to fill the hollows under the eyes
  11. 11. Scars – lifting of depressed scars
  12. 12. Temporal hollows – to lift the area adjacent to the eyes
  13. 13. Highlight Brows


What is Radiesse

Radiesse is a water-based injectable gel that contains minute calcium-based microspheres similar to minerals that can naturally be found in the body. It is injected into the skin and it quickly fills the skin out, replenishing the lost volume instantly.

Once inside, it continues working by stimulating the skin’s natural collagen production. The body absorbs the microspheres over time and the skin is left with its natural collagen to keep the volume and shape of the treated area.


How Long Will It Last

Clinical studies have shown that Radiesse water-based, biocompatible dermal fillers produce significantly better results compared to the leading hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers.

Since Radiesse injectable gels also stimulate collagen production, your skin looks even better as time passes. The effects of Radiesse dermal filler treatments last for up to a year, sometimes even longer.


What to Expect with Our Radiesse Treatment

Our treatments are performed only by a trained, experienced doctor after a thorough consultation with you. During the consultation, your medical history is reviewed carefully to ensure you do not have any existing medical conditions/taking any medication that may cause an adverse reaction with this treatment.

The whole procedure of injecting Radiesse® dermal fillers lasts only for about half an hour or less depending on the size of the treatment area.

The procedure is very comfortable, particularly with the unique injecting technique of our doctor. Radiesse® dermal fillers are injected deeper into the skin compared to hyaluronic acid-based fillers because it has a thicker consistency and produces more plumping with every injection.

After the treatment session, you can go about your daily routine immediately. You can expect a little bit of redness, bruising and swelling around the treatment area. These side effects are common among dermal filler injection treatments and usually resolve on their own very soon after the treatment. Ice packs or cold compress can be applied to the treatment area immediately after the procedure to minimize the chances of swelling or bruising.


Safety and side effects

To establish the safety and longevity of Radiesse treatments, BioForm Medical has conducted clinical trials in Europe and North America and collected more clinical data than is available for any other dermal filler product.

Through extensive clinical use published in peer-reviewed journals, Radiesse dermal filler treatments have proven to be safe and effective.


The Radiesse difference

The hyaluronic acids are pure tissue fillers. Continued use will help extend the life of the product, but they don't build scaffolding as Radiesse.

Radiesse provides immediate filling and ongoing smoothing of lines and texture as the collagen builds up. Radiesse is great for bulking tissue, but is not used to bulk the lips.

Placed correctly in the border of the lips, however, Radiesse can provide longer lasting lip enhancement than any other product on the market

Radiesse advantages

  • Long lasting compare than other leading cosmetic fillers
  • Not Permanent, with none of the risks associated with permanent implants
  • Stimulates your skin to produce New Collagen
  • BioCompatible means no allergy testing prior to treatment
  • Cost-Effective treatment that lasts longer than other fillers and uses less material
  • Volume correction occurs immediately

Radiesse Dermal fillers cost

 $900 1.5ml; $600 0.8ml
Last up to 18mths


Until stock last check Radiesse special price here

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