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Cosmetic Revolution


With age we all get loose skin, age spots, lines and wrinkles and these are nothing to be ashamed of. Yet many of us become incredibly self conscious about skin and body imperfections.

After 3 years of scrupulous research, over 25 tested substances studies on 200+ combinations SKEYNDOR Labs have created CORRECTIVE, the cosmetic treatment to remove wrinkles, even the deepest ones, and rejuvenates the facial expression, restoring the skin’s firm, youthful appearance… in just a few hours.

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What do you get when you combine the following?

  • Fill-in techniques (filler effect without the needle)
  • Relaxants of muscles (injections effect without the toxin)
  • Lifting substances (lifting and toning effects on skin)
  • Internal tissue redensifiers (firming, rebuilding effect)


You get Skendor’s Corrective Line-Latest, state of the art technology combined with highly active sub-stances - for VISIBLE results!


Compare Skeyndor Corrective to other Products

Skeyndor Other Products
Muscle relaxing peptides (Acetyl HexaPeptide-8 or "botuline-like", PentaPeptide-18)
  • with complimentary action for long lasting lifting
  • Unique encapsulation to allow easy infiltration
  • High penetration rate to the 2nd layer of skin
Skin care manufacturers include ineffective concentrations for the sole purpose of being able to claim the presence of peptides.

Peptides have to be stabilized or they might continue to break down further in a topical cream, becoming useless.

Also, they have to be in a cream that allows them to penetrate the skin. Inadequate vehicles (the base substance of a cosmetic product in which active ingredients rest) obstract absorption.

Natural substances with anaesthetic effect and significant tissue regeneration activity.

Based on the surgical techniques of self-implanting body fat to fill-in areas on the face (Fat injection). 

Synthetic substances that body keeps and accumulates as it is unable to excrete or absorb it.

Overtime the accumulated substances/ skin care "left-overs" can cause serious skin clogging problems and accelerate the ageing and degradation of skin.

Concentrated hyaluronic acid capable of penetrating the skin and inflating up to 30 times its size, filling in the empty spaces

The hyaluronic acid skin creams are effective only if they reach the dermis. Similarly, effects of hyaluronic injection are observed on the area where it is injected and does not improve the overall look.

Buy Skeyndor online here and save

Skeyndor Corrective Home Products

Instant Wrinkle Filler Cream

Cream formulated to smooth out the expression lines from the face. This unique cream can be used day and/or night and is more suitable for dry, mature skin.


Expression Lines Serum

Serum to smooth out the face deep wrinkles and expression lines. This serum should be used at night only. In addition to its many other actives it contains vitamin A in one of its most easily absorbable forms. Serum has the same concentrations as the cream and due to its lighter texture is recommended to mature skin prone to oiliness and breakouts.


Instant Lip Contour Filler

Cream to fill expression lines on the lip contour area, filling even the smallest creases. Perfect for "smokers" lines. Instant Lip Contour Filler helps rebuild "body" in and around your lip area and is said to make dermal fillers last longer so you require less treatments.


Eye Expression Lines Eraser

Cream formulated to rejuvenate and smooth out the skin in eye contour area. Suitable for day and/or night use. Overtime assists in smoothing out fine lines around the eyes (crows feet) and relaxes the muscles around the eye area with continued use. The cream is often used in place of anti wrinkle injections and is said to make anti-wrinkle injections last longer so you require less of them.

Skeyndor Corrective line active ingredients

  • Internal tissue redensifiers - Natural extracts with a complementary mechanism to increase the thickness of the fatty tissue
  • Skin filling substances - Hyaluronic Acid - reduces wrinkle appearance, depth & width of wrinkles
  • Neural-inhibitor agents


    • LAVANDULA STOECHAS Extract to softened wrinkle contour and reduced wrinkle width and expression lines
    • ACMELLA OLERACEA Extract to reduce wrinkles size
  • Skin-lifting peptides with pre- synaptic activity, "Viper venom" - reduces wrinkle depth & softens wrinkle contour
  • Skin-lifting peptides with post-synaptic activity. The ultimate concept in anti-ageing
  • Hyaloronic Acid: lasting wrinkle filling effect


All Skeyndor products are available through phone/email order in our Melbourne laser clinic.

To order please call (03) 9530 9800.

Buy Skeyndor online here and save

We also Melbourne specialists in Skeyndor MesoScience treatments.

For a obligation free consultation contact us by phone 9530 9800 or simply post your SKIN CARE question.

NOTE: A proper skin assessment will ensure a skin care regime and product that is more closely suited to your skin type and condition.

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