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If you experience red, dry, irritated skin, it may be because your skin is more sensitive than you think. Symptoms of sensitive skin occur in two ways: chronic - ongoing or intermittent - occasionally.

Chronic sensitivity

  • Arises as a side effect of problematic skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema or even contact dermatitis.
  • Causes the barrier of the skin to be compromised
  • Presents of capillaries close to the skin surface
  • Not be able to tolerate certain anti-aging agents like glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids and retinols, especially prescription-strength ones


Intermittent sensitivity

  • Appears on a case-by-case basis and is usually the effect of using products and/or ingredients that are too strong for the skin.
  • Allergens are substances which can provoke alternations in the immune system resulting in altered antibodies
  • Some inherent predisposition to the allergic state may exist in the skin
  • May also occur due to over exfoliating or using at-home microdermabrasion kits incorrectly

sensitivity issues can be addressed and
the effects can be reversed

sensitive skin treatment plans

Skin Consultation

Proper evaluation of skin sensitivity include:

  • Questioning history of work, chemical, physical and environmental damage, over peeling/exfoliation, removal of natural moisture factors (NMF) from the skin surface 
  • Evaluation patient status internally and externally: stress, allergies, genetics, medications, individual history and medical conditions
  • Grading the skin sensitivity condition from 1-10 being from weakest reaction to strongest
  • Prepare treatment and skin care plan to reduce inflammation, increase skin strength and hydration, repair epidermis and increase skin immunity

Sensitive Skin treatments

Laser, Skin and Wellness clinic designed 3 step system helping you restore the protective skin barrier, calm and soothe reactive skin by using calming agents with minimal skin manipulation.

  • 1. Professional level skin cleansers with formulas made for sensitive skin combines agents to effectively remove dirt and makeup. We clean your skin without stripping the skin of its essential moisture and natural, protective balance.
  • 2. Potent correctors combine a blend of ingredients to calm redness, while restoring the essential elements needed to promote hydration. The protective barrier created by the professional formulas, minimizes blood capillaries and it soothes/heals unbalanced skin
  • 3. High grade protectors will help the dermis support the conditions needed to protect your skin from harsh pollution irritants and from the suns harmful UVA/UVB rays. We also recommend skin care in order to maintain improvements. Our Sensitive skin treatment system is the highest quality, most effective solutions for everyday skin care.

Protective and preventative measures to strengthen the sensitive skin

  1. Stay out of the sun.
    The sun can cause the skin to become extremely sensitive, especially if you have a sensitivity-related skin condition like rosacea. Be sure to protect your skin every day with an SPF.


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  1. Avoid synthetic and artificial ingredients.
    If your skin becomes inflamed and irritated when fragranced and preservative-packed products are used, avoid them at all costs.
  2. Keep your skin well-hydrated.
    When the skin is void of moisture, the barrier can’t function optimally and the skin can’t naturally protect itself as well. Well-hydrated skin heals faster. A healthy epidermis means a healthy dermis and vice versa. Hydrate inside out with water and omega-3 and outside in with a good moisturizer like Skeyndor and Medik8
  3. Build up a tolerance.
    When it comes to using a new product or ingredient (especially those that are known to cause irritation and sensitivity like retinol and glycolic acid), start slow and let your skin adjust.
  4. Strengthen the skin barrier.
    Certain cleansers, like those that are formulated as soaps or have stripping acids and alcohols, can diminish the barrier function of the skin. When the barrier is compromised, the skin is more vulnerable to experiencing irritations, sensitivity and other reactions. Use well proven cleansers for sensitive skin

At our Melbourne Chadstone Laser Clinic we use chirally purified products for peels, masks, microdermabrasion treatments  and dermal skin needling 


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