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Detox is a short term for detoxification and involves the removing of toxic substances from the bloodstream.

The human body has a natural detox function through the liver, kidneys and lower gastrointestinal tract.

We are constantly exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis through the air that we breathe or food and water supply. In addition, our diets include more processed foods, sugars and non-healthy fats than ever before.

The human body has its own automatic toxin control system. However the volume of toxins we take in over time can crush this system.

The toxins are accumulated in our cells especially fat cells, blood, tissues, and body organs and remain stored for an indefinite length of time.


Pimples, rashes, dark circles under the eyes,
swollen joints, yellow, green and blotched complexions are often strong
indicators of a of toxins buildup inside the body.

The ultimate benefit and very purpose of Detox Foot Spa is to help speed up the natural detox process of the body.


Removing unwanted toxins helps to prevent the atmosphere where disease can take hold. It protects Immune System from toxic overload.

The Detox Foot Spa is a supporting tool to gently create and release a current of positive and negative ions into the Detox Foot Spa water so that the body can absorb them through the feet. These ions then travel throughout the body. The negative ions can create a sense of well being.


The treatment stimulates and opens the pores or sweat glands on your feet which can very often be blocked or, at best be very inefficient.

Reflexology believes that each foot is actually a channel through which your body attempts to cleanse itself of toxins and heavy metals that build up throughout your body. There are 2,000 pores in the soles of the feet, through which your body can release toxins.

The primary purpose to unblock pores is to restore the proper flow of the body's electro magnetic impulses so that the person's body can heal itself.

Actually the detox process starts and takes place over the 24-72 hour period after the Detox Foot Spa treatment.


Detox Foot spa treatments also work to raise the body pH to a more alkaline state. This is important because the vast majority of people live in an acidic state which accelerates the aging process and is a more hospitable environment for disease to flourish.

Even better results obtained when the foot spa is combined with a presor therapy.

Detox foot spa is recommended for the following common disorders:

  • Arthritis - improves joints mobility
  • Insomnia - helps to relax
  • Circulation - cleansing of the body
  • Headaches - relieves headaches
  • Metabolism - enhances the body's performance in general
  • Skin problems - clears skin and improves skintone
  • Menstrual pain - reduces pain and discomfort
  • Well-being - improves energetic flow
  • Liver and kidney function - refreshes vital organs


Some recommendation for treatment:

  • Stay away from Alcohol for 24 hours after your treatment
  • Drink plenty of water during next 72 hours
  • Take a quality mineral supplement in conjunction with your treatments
  • No medication at least 4 hours prior and after detox Foot spa treatment


Restrictions for the treatment apply for

  • pregnant or breast-feeding
  • pacemaker or any battery operated or electrical implant,
  • persons using heartbeat regulating medication
  • cancer patients currently undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy,
  • type 1 diabetics,
  • organ transplant recipients,
  • people who experience psychotic episodes or are prone to seizures
  • anyone with open wounds on their feet


Combine the foot spa with a presor therapy for exceptional results and value.

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