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Aging takes its toll on our entire body and especially on skin.

Physical effects of face aging - wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation and sundamaged skin, dark under eye circles and a general loss of elasticity. The speed, with which this process unfolds, depends on the type of genes we have.

Some of us show visible signs of aging even from mid-thirties, while others seem to age gracefully, with no signs until older years. Sun exposure and smoking are the biggest contributes to prematurely age of our skin.


Cosmetic Injections are
the most popular anti wrinkle treatment procedures in Melbourne and cosmetic surgery alternative.


Injectables is a form of a natural, purified protein, produced by a particular strain of bacteria causes muscle paralysis. Injections were originally designed to treat patients with severe muscle spasms, by paralyzing the muscles and making them unable to contract. Naturally, the wrinkle formation stops and eventually the existing wrinkles disappear.


Cosmetic Injections are
  • fast acting (reduction results are visible in a few days)
  • virtually painless (except for tiny needle prick)
  • quick (procedure takes minutes to complete)
  • effective (effects last from 3 to 6 months *)

Most common for crow's feet, forehead lines, chin dimpling, shaping or lifting the eyebrows, frown lines, laugh lines, lip lines and other facial lines.
Other uses include stopping migraine & tension headaches and treating hyperhydrosis - excessive severe sweating.

Prices to pay for Anti-wrinkle Injections - $15 per unit.
Average units per area:
  • Frown line: 15-20u
  • Crows: 10-18u
  • Forehead horizontal: 6-10u
  • Creases on the sides of the upper nose and across the bridge of the nose, “bunny” lines: 2-4u
  • Cheek Enhancement, facial slimming: 25-30u each side


For many years there was one producer of all muscle relaxant products, the only drug approved as a wrinkle relaxing treatment. Now it has competition. There is a new kid on a block in Australia.

Due to restrictions from the TGA, the actual name of the anti-wrinkle injection cannot be used here.


Anti-wrinkle injections treating forehead wrinkle treatments, frown lines and crows feet.

There are 2 types of injections on the market. In terms of potency Type 1 is approximately 3 times more potent than Type 2

Some initial research shows that Type 2:

  • Most effective in women than man
  • More effective for African-American patients
  • Longer-lasting for African-American patients
  • Less effective for people 65 and older

The study also confirmed that dosing techniques for both injection types should be adjusted according to a person's facial muscle mass.

Participants with the smallest muscle mass had the largest response (96 percent) by 30 days *. That rate dropped as low as 80 percent in people with the highest facial muscle masses. The study is the first to examine safety effects from varying dose levels, which is more common in clinical practice, rather than the standardized dosing used for FDA approval tests list.

It is reported that anti-wrinkle injections complications are rare. Especially if the injection is given the way it is intended as described on the label and performed by medical doctors not a nurse in a day spa

The best way to avoid problems is to make sure the injector cosmetic medical doctor has significant experience.

Dr Merian Koh in Melbourne Laser, Skin and Wellness is highly regarded cosmetic medicine practitioner in Victoria. She is also Victorian trainer for Merz Aesthetics.

Note: Anti-wrinkle injections injectable are not suitable for lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage or ageing, capillaries reduction, spider veins, cheek and chin augmentation, lip enhancement injectable and stretchmarks. Other more appropriate treatments such as dermal filler injections, fat transfers, laser skin rejuvenation or customised skin peels and face peels should be considered for these problems.

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