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There has been a lot of debate surrounding tattoo makeup artists and cosmetic tattooing in general, what it entails, what type of guidelines it should have and provide to clients. We are going to put to rest a lot of the rumours and answer some of the most frequently asked questions that you may have when you are considering getting lifelong makeup done in Melbourne.

  • WHO IT’S GOOD FOR: This treatment is most popular amongst women ages 25 and up. Some men are starting to consider the treatment, particularly for eye brows
  • WHAT CAN BE DONE: Brows, eyeliner and lip line or lip blend are among the most popular areas. Advanced paramedical tattooing includes areola (either enhancement or after a breast reconstructive surgery), camouflaging of alopecia (scalp hair loss), camouflaging scarring and correcting tattooing that’s gone wrong.
  • BENEFITS: First of all benefits of tattoo cosmetics are it does not smudge, fade or wash away.
  • HOW LONG IT LASTS: Cosmetic tattoo is ideally done using natural pigments and not ink (as in your regular tattoos). Like all tattoos, cosmetic tattoo will fade over time. Touch-ups are recommended every few years to maintain a fresh look.
  • WHAT ABOUT PAIN: We can report that most patients tend not to feel much discomfort during cosmetic tattooing, however some have felt a mild stinging sensation whereas others have felt no actual pain. Some of the more adverse reactions can be in the form of skin irritation and/or infection. However, this is treatable and does not leave any permanent damages.


1. Is the place to get the cosmetic tattooing procedure has Council Health Registration?

2. What are contraindications to the treatment?

3. What are the realistic results for the procedure? We noticed that young people choose pale colors. The older people go for colors to match their colouring eg hair, lipstick etc

4. What kind of equipment, anaesthetic and colours will the specialist use? How much iron oxide is in a product? (Less iron oxide in the product the less product last and you need to come back sooner for touch up). Ask therapist for Material Data Sheet on the pigment

5. How experienced is the specialist? Go for someone with at least 5 years’ experience in the field.

6. How many follow-up treatments required and how long for?

7. What are the effects on a skin after the procedure and will it create scars on the skin?

8. Can more than one area done at the same time? In general is not recommended to have more than 2 areas - procedures at the same time. It can create swelling especially for mature people.

9. When you find someone you are considering for your procedure, ask to see photos of their work or speak to previous clients

Asking too many questions is better than having little or no knowledge at all. For those considering this treatment, research and information is the key to finding the right tattoo makeup artist.


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